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~*~ indowhores ~*~

the indochine bordello

the indochine bordello
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Et 1, 2, 3...

This is a place for discussion - in all languages - a place to share news,
pictures, experiences and opinions with girls, boys, undecided and everything in between, all mad about the wonderful French band Indochine.

Whether you're a fan of the originals...
The latest incarnation...
Or you just want to share your love and respect for the man himself, Nicola Sirkis...

Then we welcome you to Indowhores.


0. The protorule: when it comes to interpreting rules, use your common sense.

1. No spamming or off-topic posts.

2. No hotlinking (A hotlink is a direct link to a picture or file in a website
that isn't yours. It costs money and it's impolite).

3. Any posts sharing non-copyrighted music or videos (bootlegs, etc) for free are welcome,
but they must be f-locked.

4. We welcome any creative endeavours, be it art or fiction, but
we ask commenting members to be constructive and respectful.

5. Be considerate - put large images or blocks of text behind a
cut, or use a thumbnail.

6. The Maintainers reserve the right to peremptorily delete any offensive posts.

7. Help spread the Indochine love! Shameless whoring of the band,
site and community is no bad thing. =)

boris jardel, boy love, cocks in frocks, dimitri bodianski, dominique nicolas, french music, indochine, ladyboys, marc eliard, mister shoes, nicola sirkis, oli de sat, open-minded people, shameless fangirling, stéphane sirkis, wacky haircuts.